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Zitouna Moroccan cuisine class

Are you a fan of Moroccan cuisine and eager to discover the secrets of this rich and diverse gastronomy? Zitouna Moroccan cuisine classes offered by Ksar El Kabbaba are made for you!

If you love cooking, wish to discover its secrets, and savor a Moroccan dish prepared by yourself, you can attend a cooking class. This class involves following the following steps:
1. Go to the souk to buy the necessary ingredients such as meat, fruits, and vegetables ;
2. Return to the Kasbah to complete the missing elements and pick fresh ingredients from the garden ;
3. Start preparing the dish according to the instructions of the chef who will be with you at each step.

The culinary heritage of the hundred-year-old olive tree.

Zitouna Moroccan cuisine classes are inspired and created in honor of an ancient olive tree located in the garden of Ksar El Kabbaba. This majestic tree is considered a symbol of Morocco's cultural and culinary richness.
Zitouna Moroccan cuisine classes are one-of-a-kind, as they highlight the use of olive oil and olive fruit extracted from this hundred-year-old olive tree. This oil is considered the best in the region due to the quality of its fruits and the traditional method used for its extraction.
Zitouna Moroccan cuisine classes offer a unique culinary experience that allows participants to discover the richness of traditional Moroccan cuisine. By using olive oil extracted from the ancient olive tree, participants have the chance to taste an exceptional ingredient that embodies Moroccan culture and culinary tradition.

Cooking class

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